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SUPERGRAZE 1000 is a Sorghum Sudan grass hybrid developed and proven by research to provide outstanding annual forage for dairy and cattle farmers throughout South Africa.

SUPERGRAZE 1000 maintains a “terrifically fast” growth and while it produces up to twice the amount of feed as the common Sudan’s,it also provides a forage that is better quality.


•Quality feed in great abundance-instead of ordinary roughage

•Tremendous seedling vigour and growth

•Hybrid vigour enables rapid seedling establishment

•High yields with all usages-whether grazing,green chopping,cutting for hay,silage,or haylage

•Produces up to more than 50% than Sudan’s

•Fast re-growth after cutting

•Highly palatable-tall,slender stalks that are juicy,sweet and tender

•High resistance to leaf blight and other common plant foes

•Easy to plant and handle

•Very resistant to heat,drought and lodging

•Low seedling costs in comparision to Sudan’s,when you compare their tonnage,quality,appearance  and vigour

SUPERGRAZE 1000 seed is of the highest and is treated for protection against soil borne diseases  and insects

•Satisfaction guaranteed if proper management practices are followed during an average growing season


Time and rate of seeding-Seed after danger of frost is past 12kg/Ha,dry land and 20kg/Ha under irrigation.


Use maize planter with sorghum plates or a grain drill calibrated for sorghum(you can plant in rows by plugging the drill holes)


For top production and recovery,a well-balanced fertilization program is a must(as you would for a top maize production)-use soil tests and available soil moisture as a guide-avoid high nitrogen and low phosphorous imbalance


Do not cut shorter than 13~20cm high when harvesting for hay,green chop,or haylage to insure maximum and continuous recovery

FOR GREEN CHOPGreen chop plants at approx.75cm height up to flag leaf stage,this assures high quality forage.  From 2 to 4 cuttings for green chop are possible, depending on length of season, fertility level and soil moisture.

FOR GRAZING Follow Sudan grass grazing precautions by delaying grazing until plants are approx.75cm tall.  Avoid grazing young tender growth and plants stunted by drought or heat or partly killed by frost.Use rotational grazing for best utilization and do not overgraze.

FOR SILAGE OR HAYLAGE - Cut at approx.75cm height up to flag leaf stage,allow to wait to 45~50% moisture and store in air-tight silos for best results and highest quality.

FOR HAYWell cured hay and forage that has not been killed by frost generally contains no prussic acid and provides good sources of feed for autumn and winter use.  Harvest for hay at approx.75cm height up to flag leaf stage,crush or crimp to speed curing.  Plant thicker for finer stems.

FOR SILAGE-Cut when in medium to hard dough stage for best balance of yield and quality and for good preservation. Direct cutting for silage at younger stages are not recommended.