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                                                      ♦KIKUYU SEEDS

                                                            Pennisetum Clandestinum

    A robust perennial creeping species which develops thick closely noded runners both below and    on the soil surface.


·Very Palatable pasture if well fertilzed.

·Has a high carrying capacity potential.

·5 LAU/Ha{September(Spring)~January(Summer)}.

·3 LAU/Ha{June(Autumn)~September(Winter)}.

·Average dry matter production is 10~12 tons/Ha while 18 tons/Ha of dry matter is possible.

·Crude protein content varies from 8% in winter to 18% in summer.

·TDN=60~70% depending on the maturity of the pasture.

·A very important summer grazing pasture,particularly in Natal.