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Pennisetum Purpureum

Known as Elephant Grass or Napier Grass    

Native to Africa and Introduced to most Tropical and Subtropical countries where it has become naturalised.


Mostly planted for cut and carry systems ,and not for long –term grazed pastures.Also used for hedgerows and living fences,although roots compete with adjacent crop.Young growth makes good hay,which can be fed as hay or pellets.Coarse stems in older growth make it unsuitable for hay.

Makes good silage,although inferior to maize and sorghum.Old growth becomes too coarse to be of value for anything other than soil conservation.Bana grass is commonly used as a windbreak in horticultural crops and orchards.


·High dry matter yields.                            ·Very palatable,high quality forage.

·Drought tolerant.                                      ·Frost susceptible