♦RHODES GRASS SEEDS                                             cv.KATAMBORA                

♦FORAGE SORGHUM HYBRID SUPERGRAZE 1000 SUPERGRAZE 1000 is a Sorghum Sudan grass hybrid developed and proven by research to provide outstanding annual forage for dairy and cattle farmers throughout South Africa. SUPERGRAZE&nbs

♦FORAGE SORGHUM HYBRID MULTICUT (Sorghum X Sudan Hybrid) High Energy feed •Use for grazing,hay silage or green chop •Excellent dry matter production •High protein and energy content

♦ALFALFA(LUCERNE) SEEDS SUPERCUF ♦Description & Performance New variety with higher yield,improved disease and pest resistance and more reliable seed production than its predecessor CUF 101. ♦Agronomic Characteri

♦SUNHEMP SEEDS                                                                 &n

♦BERMUDA GRASS SEEDS Blackjack A top quality Bermudagrass which adds density and deep-green colour to your warm-season turf. For unsurpassed dark green colour in a seeded Bermudagrass, plant BLACKJACK.  This vigorous,fene-blad

♦BARLEY SEEDS Eurica SVG 13   ♦Features •For grazing purpose. •3~4 grazings through out winter season. •Plant 75~100kg/Ka under irrigation. •Stand idle with te

♦YELLOW HYBRID MAIZE SEEDS CAP 122-60 (Super Quick) *Respond well to fertilizers,irrigation and high population density.   *Tolerant to helminthosporium blight. *Tolerant to Stalk Rot.   *1,000 seeds weight 200~220

♦OATS SEEDS Targa     ♦Features •Long Season, excellent in hotter areas. •3~4 grazings through out winter season. •Plant 75~100kg/Ka under irrigation. •St

  ♦Eragrostis TEFF Grass Seeds                          Emerald   .White seeded leafy variety .Multi-purpose .Suitable for hay,grazing or grain

♦AWEETCORN SEEDS STAR 7718(SUPERSWEET)   ♦Features .Early Maturity. .Outstanding Yield potential. .Very refined,narrow,cylindrical ears with excellent Colour. .Presents very well in Punnets with excellent eating

                                                      ♦KIKUYU SEEDS           &nb

  ♦ELEPHANT GRASS SEEDS Pennisetum Purpureum Known as Elephant Grass or Napier Grass     Native to Africa and Introduced to most Tropical and Subtropical countries where it has become naturalised. ♦Uses/

♦PANICUM  MAXIMUM GRASS SEEDS cv.Mombasa       Known as Guinea Grass or Tanganyika Grass or Buffalo Grass(English Speaking Countries)     Native to Tanzania,Africa and Introduced to most Tropical

♦CASSIA TORA SEEDS   Cassia Obtusifolia Cassia Tora is a dicot legume known as sickle senna, sickle pod, tora, coffee pod, tovara, chakvad and foetid cassia.  It is mostly found in South-East Asia and the South West Paci

♦SESBANIA SEEDS Sesbania Punecea Sesbania Punecea is an ornamental shrub that produces reddish orange flowers,has deciduous leaves and grows to 15 feer high.This plant has a high demand for water,and thrives in swamps or high-moisture are