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CAP 122-60 (Super Quick)

*Respond well to fertilizers,irrigation and high population density.  

*Tolerant to helminthosporium blight.

*Tolerant to Stalk Rot.  

*1,000 seeds weight 200~220g.100~115 days to maturity.  

*64~66 days to 50% flowering.


•Plant Height:240~260cm.

•Leaves: Dark green, erect.

•Cob Placement:  Bottom half of plant.

•No.of Cobs/Plant:2, occasionally 3~4.

•Cob Length:  24~26cm.

•Cob Shape:  Long cylindrical, tapering at end.

•Cob Diameter:7~8cm.

•Seed Rows/Cob:48~50.

•Shanks:  Narrow, cylindrical, light, pink coloured.

•Seed:  Medium bold, semi dent, yellow coloured.

•Plant Population per hectar under irrigation/Optimum conditions: 80,000.